About me !

For those who don’t know, Kevin Scrima is a YouTuber, writer and author, and all-around badass!

He loves creating things, be it videos or stories or websites, and he is in the constant pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement and Lifestyle Design. His general life philosophy (his meaning of life) is this: Become the best human being you can be, and help others become the best human being they can be. This philosophy is meant to push yourself, regardless of the situation.

Kevin loves to read and exercise. He is usually listening to nonfiction audiobooks during his commutes in his ’03 Chevrolet Cavalier Sport; if not, he is listening to pop, electronica, EDM or chillstep on Sirius XM. When it comes to video games, shooters and RPGs are his favorite.

Okay, let’s stop using “he” since I am Kevin Scrima writing this, of course 😛 Oops, too late, ran out of things to say (not really).

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