Stuck in the wonderful traffic of Pittsburgh, driving through the Squirrel Hill Tunnel and the Fort Pitt Tunnel while listening to “As The Rush Comes” and various mixes. The driver in front of me is smoking and the putrid burnt smell comes into the car. There’s a plane flying some stupid ad behind it (how economical and profitable are those silly gimmicks anyway?). Probably exploiting all the traffic to try and make money, so the business owner doesn’t have to be stuck in traffic, too.

I hate wasting my life in Pittsburgh’s traffic because of their poorly designed city and roads. And because the Liberty Bridge caught on fire. I do make most of my time stuck in traffic by listening to podcasts, music I like, making appointments, writing this blog post.

I let another driver in front of me so I don’t have to smell that awful smoke. Sucker. And he changed lanes, but the smoker has stopped smoking.

I feel like I’m stuck in a current. I hate the current. I hate being carried away and being unwilling to go. I want to feel free. I need to be more disciplined to obtain full freedom. O will never stop until I obtain the freedom I want. I don’t care if it makes me tired as a zombie. I will not allow the worlds and life that came before me and the systems in place to decide my fate.

The post from yesterday… I wrestle sleep, because I want to be pursuing freedom. Because the next morning, I know the current will take me away.

I have been taken away.

But I won’t be forever. I will make the life and freedom and destiny that I want.