For once in a long while, I was at a loss on what to write about, at least for a blog post. So, I picked a prompt from the Live Your Legend blog challenge: What Makes You Angry About The World?

This seems like a hard one. A lot has made me angry, but I am at a time in my life where I can fortunately be happy almost all the time–the only time that wouldn’t be is if outside circumstances got in the way. But even then, I usually emotionally bounce back to a happiness state. When, in the past, you were hurt, angry, sad, frustrated, and miserable for so long, you learn to appreciate the life you earn through hard work, and you learn to master all those emotions and not let them get to you or control you. It amazes me that people don’t teach themselves and others to be happy. If you are happy, you try to make others happy, and if you are miserable, you might try to make other people miserable. That’s just the rule, that positive energy creates more positive energy and negative energy creates more negative energy, and both can take away from each other.

What makes me angry about the world, is the poor system that’s in place, meaning that schools can be more timewasters than timehelpers. They just don’t live to their full potential.

Another thing that makes me angry, is that other people try to make other people miserable, that they can be so insecure, jealous, and miserable that they try to do the same to others, even if on accident without knowing it. They waste their time being miserable over petty shit when they instead could be happy.

What makes me angry is not having been fully appreciated. I feel like, far in the past, I didn’t live to my full potential, that other human beings haven’t helped bring out my full potential. It’s like I was always the one who had to do that; of course, I had support plenty of times.

What makes me angry is that my thoughts were just interrupted while I was writing, because my dad entered the room… though not entirely his fault.

What makes me angry is writing about things that make me angry. And I’m okay with anger; it can be healthy and be a great motivator.

What makes me angry is that it takes so long to start the kind of life I want to start. I want to be able to live on my own, have money and a car and a home, and follow my dreams like write books, make websites, make YouTube videos, etc. What will make me angry is if I don’t live up to my full potential. What makes me angry is time wasted, time wasted meaning, anything that doesn’t bring me closer to my goals.

What makes me angry is a family raising children into a crappy life and giving them a crappy life; just because you love them isn’t good enough.

Man, being angry can be exhausting. That makes me angry, too. haha.

What makes me angry is that I don’t live on my own…I know I already mentioned that, but I really want my own place, to be in my own world and do my own thing, and be independent.

What makes me angry is that my schools, k-12, even college, didn’t require programming or teach programming.

What makes me angry is when others bring negativity in my life, when I’m a shining bulb of positivity.

What makes me angry is not knowing everything in the past that I do now.

What makes me angry is remembering the poor past relationships and friendships I’ve had–probably why I opted for none, because they sucked and were lifeless anyway.

What makes me angry is all this talk about what makes me angry is making me tired.

What makes me angry is that a lot of life seems like a bunch of bullshit.

What makes me angry is that I let bosses take advantage of me when I was seriously sick and in no condition to work, but worked anyway, or at least let them make me feel guilty for even considering taking some time off. That really makes me angry.

What makes me angry is that I have an insatiable ambition, because what I produce and what value I give is fueled by not having felt valued in the past, so I strive to shove the value in people’s faces. When I produce something, I will be ready to go produce another thing. Maybe that taught me to be more self-centered at times–even though I have a great amount of empathy.

Anyway, that should be enough for now. That’s a lot of angry!

Time to bring the positivity and happy back now 🙂 I’m enjoying my introvert time in my room on my laptop–loving it.

Now I ask you: What makes you angry? I didn’t realize I had so much to be angry about.