Hello, everyone!

I’d had a blog for quite a well, almost a year, but I think this post is great for introducing new readers! I decided to try participating in the Live Your Legend blog challenge.

Here is the first prompt:

“Write a few sentences about your story/background, why you decided to start a blog and what you hope to get out of it. Add in something unique and interesting from your story too! Try to keep it to a paragraph or two (unless you want to write more) – remember, the goal is just to get something published.”

Well, my name is Kevin Scrima, and I graduated from The University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative & Professional Writing and minors in Literature and Education. I am 23. I am searching to do work that I love. I am currently trying to license an idea of mine; I signed up with InventRight to help with that. Also, I make YouTube Videos. One is a talking channel inspired by Ted Talks–it’s called Scrima Talks, but is not an acronym for anything. My other YouTube Channel is called Scrima Games, where I post funny videos, Let’s Plays, talks about video games, and reviews.

I started this blog, because I wanted to connect with my readers and make a more official blog; also, I wanted to connect with my YouTube subscribers this way, or perhaps introduce readers to those videos. I am a writer and just enjoy writing. I recently posted a sign up form to help connect with my readers–feel free to sign up!

Thanks for reading 🙂