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Blog Post Challenge: Tell Your Story

Hello, everyone! I’d had a blog for quite a well, almost a year, but I think this post is great for introducing new readers! I decided to try participating in the Live Your Legend blog challenge. Here is the first prompt: “Write a few sentences about your story/background, why you decided to start a blog and what you hope to get out of it. Add in something unique and interesting from your story too! Try to keep it to a…

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Blog Challenge Prompt: What Makes You Angry About The World?

For once in a long while, I was at a loss on what to write about, at least for a blog post. So, I picked a prompt from the Live Your Legend blog challenge: What Makes You Angry About The World? This seems like a hard one. A lot has made me angry, but I am at a time in my life where I can fortunately be happy almost all the time–the only time that wouldn’t be is if outside…

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