Life Feels A Bit Empty (Love Sucks) | Feeling The Past and Letting It Go, and Now It Doesn’t

I just recently changed the theme from the website from New Gamer to Ascendant, and the website looks much nicer and cleaner. I used to really enjoy blogging, but right now, I feel like so many things are pointless. Recently, life has just felt… empty. Silent. Disconnected. Just there. I used to enjoy sharing my feelings. Now, I’m afraid that one blog post or one thing I do will define who I am. I’ve missed writing. Perhaps that is one…

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Sleeping and Resting Versus. Being Awake and Producing

Tonight, I fight the desire to stay awake and work on a few things. I thought of things for my self-help book and had to write them down. That tendency happened often when I was a hardcore writer way back. I don’t write as often creatively anymore, but I do plan on getting back to it. The desire to write won out, even though I was lying in bed and had chewed a melatonin Olly gummy. Being excited about ideas…

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Blog Post Challenge: Tell Your Story

Hello, everyone! I’d had a blog for quite a well, almost a year, but I think this post is great for introducing new readers! I decided to try participating in the Live Your Legend blog challenge. Here is the first prompt: “Write a few sentences about your story/background, why you decided to start a blog and what you hope to get out of it. Add in something unique and interesting from your story too! Try to keep it to a…

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Submitting to Boredom

I am bored. No surprise based on that title. Is it okay to submit yourself to boredom, knowing that you have more days ahead of you, being bored, feeling lifeless, knowing you are destined for more? Is it okay to accept living a lesser life? It cant be. No. You need to find a way to rise above it! How can one be bored for so long and tolerate it? You cant. Sadness stems from boredom. It is becoming inhuman.…

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