Life Purpose

Writing Exercise: Kevin Scrima’s Obituary

Recently i thought it would be fun as a writing exercise to write my own obituary. One YouTuber i watched named Elliot Hulse recommended it to help regain one’s sense of purpose and goals. Ill free write this for now since im doing this on my phone and have no examples i can use . Well here i go: ____________________________________ “On October 4th, 2015, Kevin Michael Scrima has passed away at 23 years. The cause of his death was the…

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Submitting to Boredom

I am bored. No surprise based on that title. Is it okay to submit yourself to boredom, knowing that you have more days ahead of you, being bored, feeling lifeless, knowing you are destined for more? Is it okay to accept living a lesser life? It cant be. No. You need to find a way to rise above it! How can one be bored for so long and tolerate it? You cant. Sadness stems from boredom. It is becoming inhuman.…

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