If you arent emotionally well, it will effect how you behave, which is why it is important to monitor emotions: your behavior will affect your emotions and your emotions will affect your behavior.

Pretty simple concept. Emotional intelligence, and self-awareness, is inportant for this reason alone. You feel good, you do good, and spread good. You feel bad, you do bad, and spread bad. Positive energy creates more positive energy, and negative energy creates more negative energy. Im expecting that my positive energy from this post, at least a little, will transfer over to you.

Having control of our minds and emotions is so important; those who dont have control are less likely to succeed, i think it would be safe to assume.

Recently ive been doing a contracting gig where i make money for reviewing ads for one hour. It is a good bit too, and is a nice, reliable addition of extra income for putting in an extra hour of work each day. Sidenote: If youre interested in a contracting gig like this, search for social media evaluator jobs. This is one extra thing that leaves me feeling good; heck, whenever i am creating something or am producing something, it leaves me feeling good and buzzed. It’s a nice, healthy relationship to have with something.

Im also transitioning into a new job, so having new work that I’d enjoy doing is another add-on.

Having hope, control, and a positive outlook on your future is vital. Yes, it may require extraordinary patience and consistent, unwavering diligence, but those rewards are so much better than instant rewards; thus, the importance of delayed reward gratification.

Willpower is also important in how you feel. Structuring your willpower (which gets used up as you go throughout your day–recharge it by eating, sleeping, or drinking things like water with lemon juice) will knock down all those dominoes down the most effective and efficient way.

Letting go of things we want that we cant have immediately is important, too, which can leave you frustrated and emotional if you arent happy that you arent getting what you want immediately. Letting go of what we value, at least temporarily, and learning to value things we dont value, at least temporarily, is a good mind hack for success.

Our circumstances of today are better than they were hundreds of years ago… so, that appreciation (and appreciation in general) will make you a happier person.

Now, go do something cool! Until next time 🙂