Hey, everyone!

I’m taking the GRE Exam on Tuesday (super fun!… kinda), and I’ve been taking practice exams.

I just completed two practice essays, and I thought I’d share them. These essays need to be written in 30 minutes, so there may be some minor errors and logical fallacies, but they’re pretty much accurate. With that much time, the brain is going to reach for whatever examples it knows and use those ones immediately, because there’s not TOO much time to think. Only if they let us use a search engine during the essay writing to get actual facts and examples to apply them.

Anyway, here’s the Issue essay:

Because of the biological differences between men and women, does that mean that they both are not equally suited for the same tasks? That’s what people, at least, men, thought a while back before giving women equal rights (after women demanded them). Women were prevented from participating in certain professions, sports, and activities, because it was believed that women should stay in the house, cook, garden, be a wife, and raise a child. As of today, women have proven those wrong who had the theory that women couldn’t amount to what men could do.

Women used to be mainly teachers, but now they have expanded to every career imaginable. All of the past presidents have been males, and now, Hillary Clinton may become the first female president. Women are now the dominant gender in terms of earning collegiate degrees compared to men. It was once believed that women couldn’t do math. I, personally, was never really talented at math, but I’ve met women who were phenomenal at math. It was thought women couldn’t program, but one of the first programmers was actually Ada Lovelace, a woman who helped a man program one of the first computers. Hopkins also helped debug a computer, and coined the term “debugging”, when she found a moth that got stuck in the computer. These women have proven those who thought that, because women are women, they couldn’t do what a man could, wrong.

Women were thought to be too “wimpy” or “girly” for sports. Recently, there’s a girl from South Africa who is dominating Watercross, which is a male-dominated sport. Because she is lighter, she gets tossed around more easily, or so it’s thought. She won second place. Once, when she won a tournament, she removed her helmet, and a man saw that he had got beaten by a girl, so he removed his helmet and threw it at the ground. But now, all the guys are friends with her. In short, even though men and women are physiologically different, women still can play all the same sports, and even win against men at them.

Women are being paid less in the workplace compared to their male counterparts, despite performing the same kind of work. Even though women are equally suited for the same tasks, they are not being equally compensated for their hard work, which is very unfair. Women have contributed to society just as much as men have. Women have invented wiper blades for cars, contributed greatly to programming, and even inspired men, too, not only women. So, even though women have proven they can equally do their fair share with men, they are not being compensated, respected, or recognized equally.

All in all, though women were once thought to not be equally suited compared to men for many tasks, they proved that false logic wrong. Even though women were once confined to only a few professions, they’ve branched out and were able to be in every profession that men have, even (soon) president of The United States; they have taken advantage of their new freedom, and even though they only recently gained more rights and freedom in the past 50 years, they are already surpassing men in collegiate degrees. Despite their bodies being physically suited for different things, they all play their own sports, and can even beat men in some of them, such as Watercross. Again, even though women contribute just as much as men do in professions, they aren’t being equally compensated for it. There are only a few examples that prove that women are equally suited for the same tasks that men do. Do you still have any doubt in your mind that women are not equally suited as men? History will prove that wrong, again, and again.

Now, here’s the Argument essay.

Yes, manned space flight can be costly and dangerous, but so can unmanned space flights and probes. Just because unmanned space craft can gather information, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t send more people into space. Unmanned spacecraft will be suitable for some tasks, and astronauts will be suitable for other tasks. Eventually, humans will need to colonize and explore space, as well. Space could be made safer and less expensive by private companies, run by people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Elon Musk is focusing on recovering some of the lost spacecraft from NASA; he is also able to land them safely on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Also, commercial companies are willing to go into space and commercialize it, so it must not be that costly and dangerous to them. Lastly, NASA and the government made mistakes, making space flight more dangerous and expensive than necessary.

Elon Musk of SpaceX has searched the oceans, exploring for spacecraft that haven’t been found in the ocean, and so has Jeff Bezos for his space company. Why? Like Elon Musk once said during an interview, if money was falling from the sky (meaning the space craft), would you try to save it? The crowd laughed, because the answer was obvious. The reply was, “Of course.” He is figuring out ways to save money and make exploring space less expensive by reusing the space craft for more than just one space launch, unlike the U.S. government did. Because private companies are finding ways to commercialize space flight (such as taking consumers up into space), it would make space less expensive. Indeed, NASA made space flight more dangerous and costly than needed, whereas private companies will make it safer and cheaper. Elon Musk was even able to safely land a space craft in the middle of the ocean on a small boat. Jeff Bezos was able to similarly land a space craft back on Earth. These two entrepreneurs will make space more safe and less costly.

Because people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are going to commercialize space, it obviously doesn’t matter too much to them if it’s costly or dangerous, since billionaires like them are willing to use their own money to explore space. They know they can make plenty of money from their space companies. Still, the U.S. government still could fund NASA through tax payers. Asteroids can be mined for their previous metals and be sold here on Earth. Eventually, either Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos will fly to the moon or Mars and start their own colony there, building their own nation, empire, state, and civilization there! It’ll have its own economy. They can write books about their adventures to, on, and from Mars and make money to continue to fund the venture. It will probably be another century before piloted or independent robots could explore space, mine asteroids, and colonize planets, so humans are needed, and will always be needed, to explore and colonize space, the final frontier.

Third, space flight has been dangerous for NASA, because of their poor safety precautions. In fact, many of the flights that blew up could have been prevented. In a book, I believe it was called “The Power of Habits,” [note: could be wrong about what book it was in] it briefly pointed out that NASA had poor routines, or a poor culture, which resulted in poor checks of space craft, resulting in them blowing up and killing everyone on board. If someone would mention there’s something wrong with a part on the space craft, it was basically ignored by the supervisor. However, the owners of private companies won’t be as careless, since their money and reputation will be on the line. They don’t want to be known as the space company who has rockets that blow up and kill their employees and consumers on board.

In conclusion, manned space flight can be made safer and cheaper through private companies. Humans are a necessity in space travel and always will be, so unmanned space probes and satellites will not be enough. Government funded companies can’t solely be relied on, because not all governments will put a major focus on space; however, private companies can be counted on, since they can fund themselves and commercialize more off it. People like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are going to pave the way for the future for space flight, making it safe and affordable for everyone.


Those were a good warm up! I think I’ll be ready for the essay portion for the GRE!!!