Today was a weird day. It was one of those blah days. My half-brother was over and I was being irritated by him. I bought a game called Fallout4, to occupy him and keep him busy, and make our time together more fun, and turns out it is an extremely fun game. I went to visit my girlfriend who was babysitting four kids–they were loud and noisy. Being an introvert, this noise was too much, and I had to leave.

Recently, I’ve been in the process of trying to license an invention of mine. It’s going through the stages on EdisonNation smoothly so far, which is good. The idea has had positive comments all around. And a business friend told an investor/lawyer about it who offered $250,000 to buy the idea outright. Doubt crossed my mind, because I’m entering a world that I’ve never been a part of before. I’m all in on this idea.

The idea of having my own place, being able to do what I want, is a dream. Being the master of my own domain.

I will continue to update hereĀ on what happens.