When it came time to finally move, I was very nervous and scared. But everything has turned out okay. I had a great deal of help from family, be it them lending their services, vehicle, or giving away things we needed for our first move. It was really incredible and awesome how much help we received. If it weren’t for all that help, it would have been a bad move.

Here is the post that I wrote on Facebook after the move:

“Had a great move. Thanks to all my family–dad, mom, Karen, grandparents Dee and Bob and Joan, aunt Jenny and uncle Jessie and even Jordan, Sarah’s family, Dawson’s mom–for helping out with moving and giving items. And thanks to those who I know will be there in the future.

It feels both weird and awesome to be able to be on my own and to be able to have the companionship of my very loving girlfriend, Sarah Fry.
I look forward to building my life and journeying through the future journey ahead.”

There are still things to unpack and some things to get, like a dining room table, sofas, computer desks and chairs, but we will get those eventually, be it through the kindness of family or through savings.

It definitely feels both weird and amazing to be able to be on my own, to be able to be my own person. It also pushes me to continue to strive for better in life. Baby steps, I need to realize. I keep wanting to take giant steps and just dominate towards my goals. But when I look back in the past, I know I got to where I was incrementally, not through some kind of easy, magical, 1-step-bullet pill. There was a lot of hard work and some luck to get where I am, yes. I won’t take that past work and those achievements and accomplishments for granted or let them be in vain. Those past building blocks will be respected, honored, and cherished with more well-intentioned building blocks.

I was able to spend some time doing a live gaming stream, despite the move and having to take my car to the mechanic. It was some very nice normalcy and a fun time.

Well, I can do this blog post in parts. I need to sleep.

Until next time!

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