So in one of the Facebook groups I posted, I introduced myself and told them a small part of my life (it was small in duration, but the changes during that time were HUGE!). In that writing, I discovered the importance of letting go of something I valued and how it MASSIVELY changed my life for the better.

Let me retell some of that story here:

“Hi, everyone! For those I haven’t met yet, pleasure to meet you. I graduated from Pitt-Greensburg in April 2015, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative & Professional Writing and minors in Literature & Education. When I went there, I actually had a double major in English and Secondary Education! I thought I wanted to be a teacher… but a book called Quiet by Susan Cain changed my life, and gave me the answer I was looking for; I had no idea I was an introvert (and didn’t even know what it was!). So, I understand that struggle with figuring out what you want to do in life. Because of the sunk cost fallacy, my deciding to not continue majoring in education was hard, even though I knew it wasn’t what I was passionate about!

One day I might go major in IT or programming, depending on my priorities. Life is an experiment, so test your limits (a Live Your Legend quote on the poster).

I used to only write stories. I have two self-published on Amazon. I got published in the school newspaper and on the website my final year, but I never had one of my literary works published. That made me frustrated (especially with how hard I worked at some of the short stories), so I went to explore other passions. I dabbled in code on for fun. I eventually started a YouTube channel, then a second one, because I figured I should build a platform for my books, and I also did it, because I loved gaming. This helped me with public speaking, editing videos, making video thumbnails, etc. I also learned how to make my website (with a hosting site) and run a blog for my other passions. It all tied together really well.

Oh! I also learned how to license a product and use my creativity on that (I sometimes forget that for some reason). My video editing skills came in handy when I had to make a video for it! Otherwise, I would have had to pay someone.

So, one of the lessons from that “short” story is to sometimes detach from what we value (or what we think we value), at least for a little bit. Because I did that, I discovered a bunch of other passions. So not getting a literary story published in a college magazine run by snobby writers and college students was definitely a good thing! 😉

So, I will say I am an “expert” in:
–Writing (fiction and nonfiction)
–Website design/blogging (through hosting)
–YouTubing (editing videos with Camtasia, making a video thumbnail, writing a script, narrating, understanding copyright, social media, etc).
–Product Designing/Inventing and the 10 steps to getting it licensed


So, as you can see, because I chose to let go of something I DEEPLY cared about (getting a short story published) and letting go of something huge I didn’t deeply care about (becoming a teacher), it led to a bunch of other great things, that I also ended up DEEPLY caring about. How horrible it could have been if I had actually gotten a literary short story published in a college literary magazine and continued to become a teacher! Would I still have followed all the things I had recently done? I have no idea, but I doubt it.

This is why following what you truly want to do is important… or at least, if one way doesn’t work, you are willing to find an alternate path to make that dream come true.

I hope my sharing that experience with you taught you something. I know I learned a lot in that time (I learned and did all that in a year-and-a-half, along with working and changing jobs, graduating college, and juggling other responsibilities!).

If you are eager and passionate about what you want to do, I am confident that one day that dream will come true.