Right now, it’s 3:14 A.M. I’m pretty exhausted from the work week and from doing graduate school work. I also still try to do hobbies. I guess I at least have a good reason to be tired and exhausted from having such a jam packed schedule. I wanted to start a website for my pillow idea, but I feel that I don’t have the time, especially the money even, because the utility bill is due and then so is rent — it will demolish my paycheck. I feel stuck in a toxic financial infinite loop, where the inputs and outputs are too close every time. But perhaps a few hours of overtime and saving money on food can help with that. Financially, moving out of my dad’s home was a mistake; in April, I can go back in and save some money and bide my time until I graduate with my Masters of Science in Information Technology and get a job with more money. I hate being dependent, but right now, I’m dependent on others for survival.

I also think I will change the theme of the site to something brighter and have the text black and the background white, ’cause I don’t know how I feel about eye strain with white text and a black background.

I’ll make a bunch of blog posts about some of my grad school assignments. I think it would be cool to put all those assignments on the site and offer some easy and quick value since they’re posts that are basically already done.

There’s a YouTube video for my Scrima Talks channel that is half done and has just been sitting there on my computer’s storage system for some time. I want to get it uploaded this weekend. I want to have a me day this weekend where I can accomplish everything I want. The free time will be nice. What will I spend my free time on? Completing graduate work and hopefully participating in some other hobbies. And hopefully going to the gym one day this weekend.

I guess when looking into the future, I hope I can snuggle into the kind of life I want, hoping I can create the type of life that I want.

Now, I’m going to head to sleep. Then the infinite loop continues.

But since ending it there makes it too depressing, I’m going to exert control during the weekend and control what I do. So at least for the weekend, I can escape the infinite loop.