When I dont create something or do something I value during the day, i can grow unbelievably cranky.

I need to make some progress in making a Youtube video or editing it, writing a book, exercising at the gym, creating content for my websites, learning something new, etc, or it will be the only thing my mind will think about and I’ll become extremely edgy.

I wouldve stayed inside if other people–my mom, girlfriend, and dad–didnt invite me to do something. Im not really complaining about spending time with them, and they all offered a lot of value for me to do so. My mom got me new dress pants and a dress shirt and tie, and she bought me Taco Bell; my grandmother gave me ten dollars, snapple, and a bag of peanuts; i got to spend time with my girlfriend, amd she gave me a chocolate chip muffin; my father met me at Outback Steakhouse.

I am very grateful for all of this. But im not offering the value i want, besides my physical presence and self. I was having writers block earlier, and got a ton of new ideas during my trip (because thats how the brain works for some reason), and im edgy to write them all down.

Im not sure how ive become this way, but it’s who I am. I need to do some of these things every single day to feel happy.

I am using this chance while waiting at Outback to write this blog post on my Android. Thats how edgy I am right now.

When i get this stuff done later–as long as people leave me alone–ill feel a lot better. Its one of the many reasons i stayed up late at night in the past, because its quiet, calm, and theres no one to bother me. Everyone is asleep while Im working.

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