Well, I am typing this blog post on my phone, but YOLO.

So as many of you know who avidly follow me, I almost obsessidly seek new knowledge, and part of that is borrowing audiobooks from the public library. I recently borrowed “How to Fail At Everything and Still Win Big” by Scott Adams. I somehow almost always pick the most amazing and interesting nonfiction books/audiobooks out there. I keep a list of these so i will never forget them in case I do. This audiobook is one of them and i highly recommend it!

Scott Adams is the creator of Dilbert. He failed at so many things along the way, but also learned a shitload from all of them. His positive energy really latched onto me, giving me even more positive energy. On the section where he talked about the importance of energy, i followed his advice–eating right, sleeping well, exercising, surrounsing yourself with the right people, pursuing your passion or dreams or whatever you think can change the world–and it worked. Authors like him change my life. And Im only on CD number three.

The idea is that a model to use when deciding things, is to pick something that will give you more energy. Ive been in those jobs before you graduate college that physically suck all the living energy out of you (because its physical labor), and its great to have a post-college job that doesnt do that.

Recently i received negative energy because i had to send my precious Lenovo Y50-70 laptop back, because my brother broke the ethernet port (never knew that was possible, but if you surround yourself woth the right egotistical, clingy, immature and disrespectful teen boy, i guess it is). His mother doesnt want to take responsibility to pay for it, and since he doesnt work and was raised as a snob, he doesnt either. I told my dad and him that he wont be allowed in my room for three months unless she splits the bill. If shes going to be a bitch (unfortunately, this word is accurate in this scenario; or more appropriately, as Adams defined but i forget his exact definition, an asshole). It made me upset because adults cant take personal responsibility and own up if they do something wrong or if their child does something wrong. Its the disrespect that pisses me off.

Soon i cant wait to be away from family, amd create my own environment of positive energy.

Anyway, yes i miss my laptop. Its almost heartbreak because of the value i place on it and how close i am to it (i use it to do my work, write, edit my videos, make my videos, create websites… You get the picture). Habits and routines are tautly associated with it, so its going to be natural to miss it. Picture your favorite habits and routines taken away from you, and youll see what i mean.

On a brighter note, i feel empowered with an insane amount of positive energy again (not that i didnt have any before), and want to pour it into something, but what is the question. Blog? Write books or revise an old one? Read? Make videos and edit them and upload them? Continue developing my website? Watch educational videos or read educational emails from great mentors? Learn programming? All of the above? My problem is that i want to do everything, but even i know that a few of these goals (or systems, as Adams would say) require priority over the other. A system would be making videos to continue to get better at it, entertain and teach other and make them feel good, earn more viewers and subscribers. A goal would be trying to get 400 subscribers. I can see how a goal can seem lame compared to a system.

Im sure there will be one point where i may be low on energy for a bit and ill think, “Um, Ill pick one… Maybe…” But its just nice to enjoy all this positive energy, having so much to make you feel like you can do all the above; and the best part is that these activities would continue giving me positive energy: Its like a long snowball effect, or flywheel, picking up more traction as it rolls or spins.

Anyway, its sleep time. This energy does not want to sleep, but it must. Since i typed all this on my phone, i cant guarantee that there wont be typos or grammar mistakes. Oh well.

It’s better to create and give than not.

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