I had someone offer me to answer questions related to my gaming gig on Fiverr, and I wanted to copy & paste them here. Enjoy!

Thinking about your offer to play video games with/for people online through Fiverr. . .

– What motivated you to offer to play video games on Fiverr?
• I thought it would be a fun service and that I could help people out. It also made me excited that they could be on my YouTube Channel too; just thought it would be super fun for both parties. If you spend all this time playing a game and getting the experience, I figured you might as well help them out, and realized that there would be people out there who would pay to be helped out. For example, if you’re playing an MMORPG and are already at the max level, you could spend the time helping a lower level get to a higher level too; it just makes sense.

– How successful would you say you have been with the gigs?
• Unfortunately I have not had anyone order this particular gig yet. I think I need to show it off better and re-do it. I know people are seeing it, but I haven’t had any ask about it.

– What has gone well?
• Well… nothing. Ha.

– What did not go well?
• Everything. Ha. The fact that no one order the gig or even sent a message about the gig.

– How do you like doing these kinds of gigs?
• I wouldn’t know, but I’d love to do these kinds of gigs.

– What would make them better?
• If the audience would tell me what they wanted from these gigs, so I can better meet their needs.

– How do you like Fiverr as a platform for offering to play games?
• I think Fiverr can be a viable platform for offering gaming gigs, but I don’t think it’s big enough or focused enough. Say there was a section on Fiverr strictly for gaming… there would be a ton of clicks on it, I’m sure! There is no “gaming” tab—which I am really surprised Fiverr doesn’t offer, actually. If there were a website that focused on having gamers sell their services to other gamers, I think it could be huge if done right.

– What features/capabilities would make offering this type of gig better?
• As I mentioned above, it would be better if Fiverr had a gaming tab.

– How do you think your customers enjoy your service?
• I wouldn’t know, but I’m sure they’d love it.

– How many return customers do you get?
• None, as said above, because I haven’t received one yet.

– If there was a better platform for this type of gig, would you use it?
• Definitely. I actually thought about making a gaming website where gamers could offer their services to other gamers to make money. I just don’t have the know-how or coding experience to do it.
Back then, I remember a service where there was a website that let gamers play to game with hot girls. Ingenious and pathetic concept. I have no idea how they performed financially, though. After searching for it again on Google, I found it’s called Gamecrush, but they have this “Buckme” thing on their website, have no idea what that is.

– What would motivate you to switch?
• Just it having better features and more customers would be enough.