During my lunch break, as I usually do, I was reading (this time browsing on Facebook), but then I thought… Why don’t I do something more useful and productive instead, like a blog post, which is what I’m now doing as I finish a pizza in one hand and type this on my phone with another.

With the pizza all nommed nommed, I can now finish this blog post with two hands (or two thumbs).


I was thinking about, well, re-thinking my life, or at least, re-examining it… Before it can be too late.

Out of college and working full-time, the days pass very fast now. The weeks pass even faster, it seems.

I try stuffing my days with things to do, which keeps me entertained and busy. But I want to make sure I’m doing things the most efficient and effective way.

I never knew what being out on one’s own in the real world, living in an apartment, was like. I wished that I didn’t do that so I could have saved more money back home, pay the student loan off, make things easier to continue my Masters  (I’ll be studying IT).

I am frustrated that out of college, I wouldn’t be able to financially survive on my own. Which is why I’m pursuing more education. At the very least, it would make it more difficult to obtain upward mobility in that position, which is why the poor can stay poor.

I can’t change the journey I took in the past — everyone has traveled different roads with different buildings, or different opportunities on their path — but I can change the future and maximize more opportunities.

I am a bit frustrated that I haven’t had a bit more YouTube success, though I’m doing well for what I gave. I would have to be more consistent and do more of certain kinds of episodes.

I’ll be excited to take a class again and learn something new, knowing I’m eventually be set on a path for even more future success.

I don’t know that I want to be in a committed relationship anymore, so I have more time to set up my future success and work hard at it.

I’ve knitpicked at my past, my journey, quite a bit, finding every single thing where things have gone wrong. But that’s not necessarily right, because sometimes, or a lot of times, you’ve done the best you could with what you had and knew. I could pick apart my journey all day and always find things wrong, I’m sure, even if I took a different path. It’s not a hard thing to do, to be your own worst critic. But I try to be so I set myself on a better path.

Back to work. So, onward.