Haven’t posted in a while–been busy with YouTube and enjoying my new job as an Offline Captioner (LOVE IT!).

So, to get where I am, I had to set goals.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the goals I have written in the past.

Here’s what I’ve had hung on my mirror for the past few months (from this writing of 3/14/16), which I looked at every now and then:

goal sheet

Here is the current modified version of that (the ones in present tense are not made yet–I write them that way to make them more real, and because a book suggested it):

Weekly/Structured Habit/Behavior System

Daily Goals/Things To Do

–Avoid Mindless Randomness (Social Media, for instance). STRUCTURE Your Purpose!

–I structure my purpose everyday to get the most value out of life.

Make Money

–Work (Possible Overtime), Freelance/Do Gigs, Make YouTube Videos (a few a week at least), Save Money (don’t eat out so much), Pay Off Any Student Loans or Debts, Etc

–I organize my finances in a way every day that will best meet my needs and goals.

Write Blog Posts (a Few Weekly–posts must be of High Quality).

–KevinScrimaUniverse.com + Gamers-Reality.com

–I write blog posts a few times each week for both of my websites.

Write Books (Write a little bit more each week, starting with at least once a week for one hour)

–E-books (finish your Self-Help book!), Record Audio Books.

–I write a little more of my Self-Help E-book every week to make progress on it.

Produce Videos (At least a Few Videos Weekly)

–Scrima Games, Scrima Talks, Check Analytics, Stream Games, Create Video Content Plan, Video Game Motivation (Must be High Quality Videos), Reach 1,000 Subscribers and Join Curse Network

–I produce and upload a few videos for both channels every week; I also build a community and interact with subscribers, viewers, and commenters; I joined the Curse Network

Exercise (At Least 2-3 times per week)

–LA Fitness, Do Push Ups, Sit Ups, Squats in Room, Jog Outside if Nice

–I work out a few times every week, regardless of circumstances; I stick with a certain time so I always go.

Apply to Grad School (make progress in some way at least once per week)

–Finish Applications, Study for GRE Test by reading book, Apply for Scholarships (if any)

–I complete grad school applications and read for the GRE test at least once a week for one hour.

Relax (Daily, every day, must meditate for at least 5 minutes)

–Meditate for 5-10 minutes, contemplate future

–I meditate every morning for five minutes.

Learn (at least one new thing per day)

–Read Books, Listen to Audiobooks and Podcasts

–I enjoy a good podcast while doing something in the house or listen to a good audiobook in the car during my commute everyday.

Podcast (make only if it provides good value)

–Make Podcasts

–I make podcasts that provide value.

Invention (make progress at least twice per week)

–Call Companies, Make Kickstarter campaign known

–I call companies and promote my Kickstarter campaign every week, because I know my invention could help people.

Post inspiring quotes in LYL group and in Video Game Motivation group (at least once per week)

–I post inspiring quotes to motivate others, which will make me happy when they enjoy those quotes; I also do this to inspire myself.

Promote Any Content (after creating content)

–I always promote content after creating it so that it can actually be seen.


–Acorns app (does it on its own)

–I invest, because the only purpose of money is if you’re not spending it, is to save/invest it.

Build and Maintain Healthy Relationships (face-to-face interaction)

–Girlfriend, Friends, Co-workers, Colleagues, Family, Etc.

–I build and maintain healthy relationships with these people, because I care about these people.

Get an Apartment with GF and Buy a Car (make progress by saving money and searching)

–I bought a new car so there won’t be as many car problems, and I got an apartment with my girlfriend to have more freedom.

Sleep (certain time with a certain amount of hours, get at least 7 each night)

–go to sleep and keep a routine.

–I sleep at a good time so my body can have the energy it needs to tackle the day.

Say No To… (Just as important as saying Yes)

–Overworking Self, Staying Up All Night for Projects Unless Absolutely Necessary, Social Media or Internet Browsing, Buying Stuff You Don’t Need,

–I say no, because this stuff takes up a lot of my time, and time can never be again retrieved.


So, this list is mainly to structure my purpose and behavior–I know it can be more specific. The idea is to make these goals systematic, so I just do them out of habit. When I need something to do, I can just take a look at the list, and I’ll definitely never get bored.

What would your goal list be? If you haven’t yet, write your goals. If you already have, look over them and revise.

Here is a past Not To-Do List I made:

Not To-Do List

  1. Don’t Waste Time on Social Media
  2. Don’t Read Articles or Any Click-Bait Posts
  3. Don’t Watch Videos, unless eating.
  4. Don’t Browse The Internet Aimlessly.
  5. Don’t waste time in any capacity—if you’re tired, sleep. SLEEP!


And here’s a list of goals I made a long time ago, maybe a year ago?


Lists of What You Want to Accomplish

  1. Change the world, or the lives of others, one-by-one.
  2. Get a job that will get you money to live on your own.
  3. Further your education, for more new opportunities, more security, a better life, and so you have more power to implement change.
  4. Grow your subscriber count on Scrima Games, Gamers’ Reality, and Scrima Talks, every single day. Create high quality videos that give great value. Never stop.
  5. Write stories again. Write a book. Self-publish it.
  6. Work on your blogs.
  7. Try to make passive income with the websites. Work on your website.
  8. Get busy and stay busy.
  9. Go to the gym often, 4 days a week, at least.
  10. Make social connections.
  11. Be the best you can be. Live your life philosophy: Become the best human being you can be, and help others become the best human being they can be.
  12. Even though I am writing number twelve for my girlfriend, I love her more than anything, and she means more than anything. Give her the best life and time she can ever have. Treat her well like you always do. Show her how much she means to you.
  13. Just a reminder: Get money! Also, don’t spend it all on food and stupid things.
  14. Pay off your credit card and student loans.
  15. Buy a nicer, current car. A 2014 model or higher.
  16. Test out the bluespark microphone. Use it, you bought it! Buy a better set up for your videos so you can sit comfortably. Buy a camera eventually, and a green screen.
  17. Read great books. Find a way to make a passive income.
  18. Become a published author one day, through the traditional method.
  19. Maybe make your own video game one day.
  20. I’m sure there is lots more…
  21. Build your own business.

Here was the Goal List I made some time in 2014:

My Goals for the Academic Year 14-15 when I was still in college:

  1. Develop as a human being despite adversity.
  • I am developing as a human being every day despite all the problems in my way. I am not letting anything slow me down.
  1. Be on time to everything, regardless of how you think, feel, or any kind of circumstances. Be on time for classes and for work.
  • I am on time to each of my appointments and events, like class and work, at least ten minutes early before it starts. I do not let my thoughts, feelings, or circumstances change this.
  1. Learn to go to sleep early before midnight and to wake up early over an hour before the event, regardless of circumstances.
  • I go to sleep before midnight and relax myself, then I wake up over an hour before the event, regardless of how I feel or think.
  1. Learn to organize your behavior into a routine.
  • I organize my behavior, instead of letting my behavior organize myself. I make it into a routine so it becomes natural.
  1. Be conscious of your willpower and self-regulation levels so you know when to use it.
  • I am conscious of my willpower and self-regulation levels, and so I know when to perform tasks that require a lot of willpower and when to do tasks that require no willpower when it is low.
  1. Ignore emotion when needed and rely solely on logic.
  • I ignore my feelings and instead base my actions on logic and the science of human survival and adaptation to help propel myself in certain situations.
  1. Do your homework and turn it in on time regardless of circumstances.
  • I complete all of my homework assignments and turn them in on-time, never late, regardless if it’s done or if it’s crappy.
  1. Understand coding assignments.
  • I make certain I spend the time to understand all of my coding assignments.
  1. Get your article on enrollment published. You wanted to be a writer and to be published, this is finally your one chance. Maybe something good will come out of it.
  • I wrote my article on enrollment excellently and published it on-time, finally enjoying one publishing material after over four years of writing.
  1. Continue to make YouTube videos, but don’t let it get in the way of your schooling.
  • I continue making YouTube videos to help people’s lives, both through entertainment and through informative talks, and I have a logo and animation and a banner for my channels. But I do not let it get in the way of responsibilities. And I continue making videos despite my subscriber or viewer count—impact one person, don’t worry about many. If you get better, they will come. Maybe they just need to see the videos and they aren’t seeing them. And I never worry about how I will be perceived, such as receiving negative comments or thumbs down, as they don’t understand what went into making the video.
  1. Continue listening to audiobooks fervently.
  • I continue to listen to audiobooks to develop myself, instead of wasting my time listening to music, that only brings enjoyment, no learning, where the radio people and musicians profit.
  1. Exercise at least three times a week, one for one muscle group, one for another muscle group, and one for cardio.
  • I go to the gym, even if it’s only for a half hour, regardless of circumstances, to get blood flowing for learning and to stay healthy and to help focus.
  1. Send your book materials to literary agents to attempt to get published despite how much of a rejecting asshole they are.
  • Regardless of the condition of my documents, I send them to literary agents to see what kind of response I get and to attempt to get published, instead of letting it sit on my computer.
  1. Make some friends if you can.
  • If someone wants to talk to me, I will try to be his or her friend.
  1. Work when you need money and when you have nothing to do. It can be spent in good places.
  • I pick up extra hours so I can have extra money and spend it on things that matter.
  1. Eat when I am hungry, regardless of circumstances or regardless of social anxiety.
  • I eat food so I can concentrate and so I can go throughout the day, but I use that energy in an effective and efficient manner. I do not let social anxiety prevent me from going to get food in the café/
  1. Don’t focus my attention on girls, as it is a waste of time.
  • I do not focus my attention on women, become it wastes my time when I can do something else. I go above my natural human male behavior and realize that women are not a necessary part of life, logically, and I deny any emotions or thoughts to convince me otherwise. I perform more noble pursuits instead of chasing women. I chase my goals, nothing else.
  1. I don’t let my past define me.
  • I never let my past define who I am, or my actions, thoughts, beliefs, values, etc. I realize that much of the past couldn’t be controlled, and what happened happened, and I need to move on from it. If a past memory surfaces, I will ignore it and focus on the present and the potential future.
  1. A better job.
  • If I see an opportunity to apply for a different or better job,  I will apply so I can have a different experience than what luck chose for myself. I choose my experiences–luck or chance doesn’t.
  1. Money management
  • I do not spend extra money on food when I can eat at home, or buy something un-needed when my parents can buy that thing.


SO, the point is, it’s interesting to see how my goals have developed, and how they’ve been achieved. The goals written in present tense were actually written before I achieved them–an audiobook on goals recommended that goals be written in present tense, because it makes them more real.

Obviously, goals are important if we try our best to structure them or meet them. They require discipline and attention.

What are YOUR goals?