Small Wins and Small Losses: Every time you obtain a small success or win, it increases your chances of scoring a big win, and every time you obtain a small loss, it decreases your chance of winning. Think of it as building karma, or good luck or bad luck, or even better, building positive psychological energy or negative psychological energy. These small wins and small losses affect your brain.
Focus on the small wins each day, and before you know it, you’ll get the big one.

Upward Spiral and Downward Spiral: Small wins are very similar to an upward spiral. If you are improving in life—happy, radiating positive energy, and improving yourself, others, and the world—you are in an upward spiral. It’s harder to go up of course—really hard—but once you are there, it becomes a lot easier.
It’s easier to go down—a lot easier—but when you’re up so high, it’s really difficult to go down; you would actually have to try to initiate a downward spiral on purpose, or some freak type of accident would have to happen to you, because that you’re so high up.
Your ups and downs can equate to a stagnation—realize this too.

How Fast You Can Ruin Your Life: One second.

How Long It Takes to Build Your Life: Years and years.