DBZ Resurrection F Summary

Hey everyone,

I just recently seen the new Dragon Ball Z Movie, Resurrection F, and wanted to give a summary, review, and my thoughts about the movie.

I walked in the theater 20 minutes from the 7:00 start time, so I think I missed a few minutes, but really didn’t miss anything important. Based on what I saw, the movie began with the Pilaf Gang collecting the dragon balls.

Frieza’s two men ordered them to help them find the 7th dragon ball, went underwater, got it, and summoned the dragon.

Piccolo from far away, noticed and sensed dark energy, and knew they were going to be in trouble and find out. Why they didn’t attempt to find out why the dragon was there instead of stand in the same spot, I don’t know. That’s one thing I had a little jibe with. But it was an interesting twist to have a villain revived instead of the cliché of always reviving the good guys whenever they die.

Shenron tells Frieza’s men that it’s not recommended to bring back Frieza since he was destroyed in a ton of pieces. They are surprised when they get a second wish, but Shu, the dog guy, takes the opportunity to wish for one million zeni. Mai, the girl, makes fun of him, saying that it would have been a hundred times better to wish for a hundred million zeni. Shu jokes about how too much money can make people jerks.

Frieza’s men put Frieza in a regeneration machine, his body and limbs grow back, and he’s whole. Frieza immediately wants revenge on the saiyans, and reveals, hilariously enough, that he was stuck in hell, wrapped in a cocoon on a tree, in this happy-happy land where there are bears who give him hugs and stuff like that. And this is where the movie does extremely well, with its jokes. Everyone in the theater was laughing together, and it was pretty much jam-packed with maybe forty or so seats left untaken.

One of Frieza’s men, Tagoma, recommends that they go conquer other parts of the universe instead of Earth, so they don’t know they’re there. Frieza responds, of course, by killing Tagoma. Frieza mentions that he never trained, and couldn’t imagine how strong he’d be if he did. This is an interesting aspect illustrating all-natural-born talent, but with none of the effort put in. His other soldier, Sorbet, tells Frieza that Goku became stronger and even killed Majin Buu. Frieza remembers his father telling him to never fight Lord Beerus the Destroyer or Majin Buu, and admits he must train. He decides to train for four months before exacting his revenge.

The screen goes to a subplot of a police officer chasing two robbers, but it’s revealed to actually be Krillin, and everyone in the theater laughs. I was worried that they were going to drag on some stupid subplot, kinda like what they did in Battle of the Gods with the Pilaf Gang trying to steal the dragon balls, but they didn’t, and I was relieved.
Jaco the Galactic Patrolman goes to Bulma’s place, informing that Frieza will arrive in an hour. Bulma goes ballistic that he only gave her a one hour warning, then uses an ice cream sundae to signal Whis in order to summon them and Goku and Vegeta, but that message gets delayed for a while.

Then I believe the screen goes to Lord Beerus’s world, where Goku and Vegita are training with Whis, who says that Vegeta is too tense, and that Goku is too relaxed, and that they need to just move, not think about moving where they need to move because thinking gets in the way. He also reveals that Goku is too lenient toward his opponents and is overconfident; Vegeta agrees. Whis says that if Goku and Vegita worked together, no one would stand in their way, but their pride gets them in the way of doing that.

The screen shifts to the other Z fighters assembling, Gohan, Piccolo, Tien, Krillin, and Master Roshi gather in one spot, where there is a thousand of Frieza’s men coming out of Frieza’s ship, and Bulma comes thinking it would be safer near them, and she convinces Jaco to fight. What comes is a long, but very entertaining and enjoyable, fight sequence.

This scene, of course, lets the other minor Z fighters to have some action time. What’s cool is that Master Roshi actually fights and is able to kick some butt, something you don’t normally see in a DBZ episode.

They manage to destroy most of Frieza’s men, then take some senzu beans to heal. Piccolo fights this purple alien guy named Shisami. Then Gohan butts in, turns super saiyan, and kills this guy with one punch.

And let me butt in and say, this movie blew me away. It was sooo good. The movie looked good, sounded good, and the fights were awesome, and they really brought out the character in the characters—it was nice to have them all back.

Anyway, Frieza approaches them and sucker punches Gohan right in the stomach, knocking him out. Piccolo uses a blast charge on his chest to get his heart going and then has him eat a senzu bean.

They all realize they can’t win. They hear Whis, and Bulma says that Frieza is back. Vegeta says that’s impossible, and Bulma explains that the dragon balls were used to revive him. It would take 30 minutes to get to them, so Bulma tells the Z fighters to power up so Goku can use instant transmission to appear, bringing Vegeta with him.

Goku and Frieza chit chat, and Frieza goes in his final form from the original series, and Goku is so confident that he doesn’t even need to go Super Sayain, and pretty much kicks his butt and doesn’t get hit once during the fight.

At some point, Lord Beerus and Whis appear for the sundae. Lord Beerus jokes about destroying the planet if Bulma doesn’t get the sundae. She gets it, they start eating it and obsess over how delicious it is. This is an interesting aspect, showing how we humans take our food for granted, and really should treasure the delectables we have made throughout our time here on Earth. Frieza asks if they are here to stop him, and Lord Beerus says that he won’t take sides, and Bulma gets pissed at him.

Goku and Frieza go in their final forms, Goku in his blue God form and Frieza in his Gold form, and both are surprised at each other’s power.

They fight, and Frieza actually lands some punches on Goku, and he struggles to keep up.

When they are in the air, Vegeta appears and punches Goku, wanting a turn, so there’s this hilarious scene with Vegeta and Goku fighting each other.
Goku says that Vegeta just wants to fight because he saw Frieza’s weakness like he did. Frieza laughs that he has a weakness. Vegeta consents and lets Goku fight, and says that Frieza’s eagerness for revenge cost him, since he achieved his new final form and went straight to Earth without practicing in his new final form.

Goku begins to win, and at some point, he gives Frieza a chance to escape, train, and come back another day to fight, which is freaking crazy that Goku would let Frieza do that.
At some point, Frieza and Goku are chitchatting, and Frieza gives the nod to his one henchmen left remaining to go with the plan he said to do if something went wrong, which involved using a simple laser shooter to put a hole in Goku. He exits God mode and goes into normal mode and collapses, and Frieza beats the crap out of Goku. This is Goku’s flaw where he is overconfident, let his guard down, and was too lenient toward his opponent.

Frieza offers Vegeta the chance to kill Goku himself. Vegeta comes down, and Frieza offers him to be his right hand man pretty much. This is a scary moment, where the audience thinks that Vegeta might possibly say yes. Bulma screams “No!”. Frieza tells her to shut up, and Vegeta refuses, because Goku is his rival and allows him to test his limits to get stronger and stronger.

Vegeta takes over, goes in God form, and Frieza is surprised that Vegeta achieved God form as well. His henchman at some point launches a laser attack, but Vegeta redirects it at him and kills him, then Vegeta walks through all of Frieza’s blasts and knocks him on the ground. Frieza feels defeated, then places his hand on the ground and ignites the planet for detonation.

Whis protects the Z fighters around them, including Goku, and they reappear out in space as the Earth is destroyed. Lord Beerus admits it was a good tactical move on Frieza’s part, since Frieza doesn’t have to breathe in space.

Bulma cries that her dad, trunks, and Vegeta are dead. Someone remarks that they can’t undo what Frieza did either, since the Dragon Balls were destroyed. Whis says that he can turn back time by three minutes, which the power was shown earlier.

This gives an interesting perspective on Dragon Ball Z: What would Dragon Ball Z be, without the dragon balls? No more wishes and reviving people with ease: The stakes would be that much higher and the tone would be that much more serious.

The screen shows a reversal of previous events, where Vegeta was about to kill Frieza, but Frieza sets the planet to blow up. Goku appears in God form yelling “FRIEZA!” in his loudest voice. Of course it takes Goku’s friends and innocents getting hurt or killed before he takes immediate, massive action. Vegeta shouts “NO!”. Goku sends a God Kamehameha blast at Frieza, and Vegeta gets out of the way. Frieza dies in a blast of blue.

Vegeta is upset that Goku stole his kill, so to speak, kind of like when you’re in a video game and someone is like, “Dude, you stole my kill!” Bulma says that Goku saved him and the planet. Vegeta orders them to explain.

Lord Beerus jokes that he’s the savior of a planet instead of a Destroyer, and Bulma said you only saved it because of the food. Bulma says to Jaco that they bent the rules of time travel, and Jaco decides to bend the rules too.

This is a good example here of when people break the rules for the greater good.

Bulma says she’ll give them all the food they want, after she gathers the dragon balls to revive the city Frieza destroyed.

The movie ends faster than you think it does, with a screen on Goku laughing, I believe. The credits, then if you chose to stay after the credits, there’s this hilarious scene of Frieza in hell, stuck in a cocoon hanging from a tree, in this happy-happy land, with these happy creatures and fuzzy bears that want to hug Frieza. You hear Frieza shouting “NOOOOOO!” as the screen fades.

So, my thoughts on the movie. I thought it was really, really good, well-thought out and well-done.

The movie was hilarious, but not in a bad way at all. The funny parts were genuinely funny—the whole audience were laughing in unison pretty much. It felt very natural, and the movie flowed smoothly along.

The fight scenes were extremely well-done, very action-packed.

The characters really brought out the nostalgia, because they all portrayed who they were so well.

It had insightful, teachable moments too, such as Vegeta being too tense and Goku being too relaxed, Goku being too overconfident and lenient, Vegeta never being able to get ahead of Goku in prowess, and Frieza being too eager for revenge, revealing all of their flaws, even though they are all great fighters. It didn’t exactly have the same heart-melting teaching moments that Battle of the Gods did, where Goku admits that he hates that he has limits and can only get stronger through other people, instead of only getting stronger all by his self, but the teachable moments in Resurrection F come pretty close.

As I’ve mentioned, it was apparent that everyone in the theater were having a good time, and felt very bonded together through DBZ. Everyone laughed and cheered and clapped together, something you rarely see or experience at a movie. You had to be there to experience exactly what I mean. It was pretty incredible.

If you’re a DBZ fan like myself, having seen pretty much every episode of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT and played most of the video games, you are going to LOVE this movie. Even if you’re half of a fan as that, I think you’re going to love the movie. If you’re not into this type of stuff, not having seen that many DBZ episodes, or any for that matter, this movie probably isn’t for you.

I would rate it a 10 out of 10. It was that good. It followed up nicely with the previous movie, Battle of the Gods as well. Its run time was about an hour and forty minutes. I think that’s a good time, because the movie doesn’t drag or have any filler—it flows along very nicely, kind of like short and sweet, without it being too short.

If you haven’t yet, go see it.

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