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Life’s Infinite Loop: Life Can Be Exhausting, Especially When Stuck in an Infinite Loop; Wait Till It Ends?

Right now, it’s 3:14 A.M. I’m pretty exhausted from the work week and from doing graduate school work. I also still try to do hobbies. I guess I at least have a good reason to be tired and exhausted from having such a jam packed schedule. I wanted to start a website for my pillow idea, but I feel that I don’t have the time, especially the money even, because the utility bill is due and then so is rent…

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The World’s Biggest Lies, Communication Problems, The Snowball Effect, 80/20 Rules All, and A Famous Mistake Quote

I really wasn’t sure that I’d want to write an emotional blog post again. One, it can be viewed as unprofessional. Two, people can use it to take advantage of you. Whoever you are reading this, I view it as an immense learning experience that many people don’t partake in, and I bet you wouldn’t have the guts to write something similar on the internet. And that reminds me that the internet can be a cruel place, due to anonymity.…

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