Happiness comes from many different mediums, and one of those is being excited about the future. Everyone is always happy in the moment when they know they have something fun to look forward to in the month.

I applied to grad schools about a month ago — I totally forgot how long and tedious of a process applying to colleges can be. Whether applying to graduate school was easier or more difficult than applying to undergraduate school, I’m not sure I can remember enough to accurately compare. But all those grad school brochures coming in the mail, choosing a school, getting financial aid, trying to get a scholarship make it seem more tedious (I applied to a Burger King scholarship and got $1,000! If I remember correctly — perhaps I can share some old documents like that sometime). But grad school required a ton of effort as well, such as studying and taking the GRE exam in case I will go to a school that requires GRE scores, long applications, essays, contacting previous professors and employers for recommendation letters, etc.

I fully applied to Robert Morris University, Florida State University, and Florida Institute of Technology for their online program to obtain a Masters in Information Technology. I’m pretty excited to take a class again and learn about something I’m interested in! I’ve been accepted to all three. FSU requires mandatory class attendance during hours when I work, so I don’t think I will be attending there. RMU’s is in Internet Information Systems instead of Information Technology. Since I want to study more of the technology aspect, I will probably be choosing FIT, which is ranked number 11 in Best Online Graduate Computer Information Technology Programs in U.S. News and World Report (I made sure the schools I chose were clearly accredited and ranked so that the degree will means something). I notice that lectures can be downloaded as an MP4 — looks like I’ll be listening to class and lectures during my commutes. I always listen to podcasts anyway during my drive, be it The Tim Ferriss Show, TED Radio Hour, TED Talk, Malcolm Gladwell Revisionist History, Planet Money, Money For the Rest of Us, Apple Talk, Podcast Unlocked, Recode Media, and more. Being able to listen to a lot of the material in the car, even for reinforcing information, is going to be a great help and advantage I’ll certainly take. And because I recently got a new car, a 2015 Honda Civic Ex Coupe, I can do that now (last month I sold my ’03 Chevrolet Cavalier Sport to a great family). I’m thankful and very appreciative to have a car I love and thoroughly enjoy every single drive — being able to listen to educative material instead of only music, even though I also listened to audiobooks, gives me way more options than I’ve had previously.

It’ll take two years to earn the degree — I’ll be taking only one class every 8 weeks. In undergrad, I was taking 5 and even 6 classes (I originally double majored in Secondary Ed. and English with a minor in Literature, then during my third year changed it to Creative & Professional Writing and minors in Literature and Education), and that was while working sometimes one and even two part-time jobs. Even though I currently work full-time, 40 hours a week, and usually overtime, which can range from 43 hours to 46 hours, I’m thinking one class every 8 weeks should be no problem. I also hope I’ll be able to do all the other things I enjoy, such as blogging, trying to start some type of business, making YouTube videos for Scrima Games (Gamers’ Reality) and Scrima Talks, exercising, writing some of my book, etc.

When I’m doing, I’m 1,000% happy, which is why I like to do all those things — and I just really enjoy them, as it aligns with my personality, disposition, skills, talents, etc. I’m still challenging myself to manage my time well and construct my activities and passions in a way that I can maximize all these things without always spending too much time in one activity and ignoring (or even forgetting about!) the other activities.

I was wondering if I should make a website for my pillow idea and start a fund on indiegogo to see if I could do it on my own (with some help). I’m also wondering if I should make another site that’s exclusively about “how to be a successful at life,” a site that has a lot of great posts and information that could help people. The book I’m currently working on is a self-help book — and I think it’s a really good one. I’m not saying that just because it’s my book. My goal is to jam pack that with as much valuable information as possible — valuable information I wish I had known when I was younger. It could help a lot of young readers, and even reinforce good information for adults. I used to write a ton of fiction and nonfiction, but I guess I got burned out and more focused on YouTubing. I do still plan on writing stories — those I showed them to really enjoyed them, which is something I have forgotten — but the self-help book will be more of a priority.

The future is full of hope and possibilities, and its boundaries are only the ones I have set on it — hopefully the future is mine for the taking. And I hope it is for you, too.