So, lately I’ve been contemplating my existence. Probably because my mind is thinking about things in the bigger picture.

And I was thinking about the meaning of life, and how, partly, at the very least, that it’s an illusion.

In the grand scheme of things, humans place a certain amount of value in things differently. Someone could love watching sports and someone could hate it. One placed value on it and one placed no value on it.

If we go back a few hundreds of thousands of years, would the meaning of life be the same or different? It would be different, because of the values, believes, attitudes, and activities that exist during that time.

Also, not every human has the same resources, talents, abilities, and finances. This may give one human to pursue his or her meaning of life more easily, and another a more significant effort.

So, to one human being, the meaning of life is one thing, and to another, it’s something entirely different. Everyone thinks their meaning of life is more important, which results in its illusion. And someone’s meaning of life can change throughout his or her life. Is the new one better than the old one?

If you go back to when humans didn’t exist, to the dinosaur age, or when the Earth was still forming, or when the big bang occurred, or before the big bang occurred, what was the meaning of life then?

The answer is that it was non-existent, because meaning exists in the human brain, not in the outside world. When we look back, we could say the big bang was meant to create the processes so life could form, and it was DNA’s job to mutate to inevitably make a human being.

The meaning of life is meant to help humans make sense of their existence. But in the end, in a way, at least partly, it doesn’t truly matter, because it changed throughout time, or didn’t exist, or each human has his or her own meaning of life.

Personally, the philosophy I discovered, was become the best human being you can be and help others become the best human being they can be. Because that’s what gave me meaning. It’s what guides my internal compass. It’s what pushed me further and pulls in the reins when I falter. It also allows people to use their own definitions and apply it to that philosophy, whatever being the best human being means to them. It can mean enjoying life and helping others enjoy life. Someone doesn’t have to have a meaning of life at all. It’s totally up to them.

What is your meaning of life?