Recently there was a great South Park episode, “Sponsored Content,” where Jimmy is able to tell the difference between news, ads, and sponsored content. He even discovers that one character is an ad.

Last night, I was tired and went on the internet, Twitter. I saw ads. Sponsored content. People promoting themselves and each other. People being advertisers for other companies and organizations by word-of-mouth and sharing. I was incredibly turned off, and turned off my phone.

Yes, the internet can be good things, and there are people out there who are genuinely trying to provide value. But I was so turned off by that culture. And with Black Friday days away, companies encouraging you to spend your money, it was all just so sickening. The ads and content disguising itself, attempting to trick you, when it is actually an advertisement.

I encourage you to think about the internet this way, to help you realize what you are spending your time on and how you are spending your time. If we devote our clicks to the right things, we can gain back our power. Each click holds power. Be cognizant of how you choose.

I plan to provide value to my audience. Having enough value, it seems, is the only redeeming feature of this ad, sponsored content, promotional, and word-of-mouth machine that is the internet.