The value of time is priceless. It’s what we do with that time that makes it meaningful. But not everyone values the same activities the same way. For example, someone may think attending a sporting event is a waste of time and that browsing the internet is not, or vice versa. The only difference is the value each human being places on the event.

Based on a Google search on how old the universe is, the answer is about 13.8 BILLION years. And according to a Google search on how old planet Earth is, the answer is 4.543 BILLION years.


How do they get these numbers? I don’t know. If you are reading this, you have access to Google just like I do.

Side note: This type of curiosity is hard to find these days.

Anyway, that amount of time is unbelievable, all those processes taking place to create what we know of what life is today. And we live, on average, at least 75-80 years now if we are healthy. That’s like a tiny dust speck in time.

What do we choose to do with the short time we have living on planet Earth? Everyone values it differently. Our brains are weird in that they can be trained to learn anything, even learning to be addicted to wasting time on the internet or playing mindless Facebook games, for instance.

Sometimes I have less energy and time than I’d like to do activities that I’d really enjoy and would deem as valuable and time well-spent. Make use of those times when you feel productive and full of energy. If you are feeling full of energy and productive, don’t waste it lying down and watching t.v.; instead, do your passion. When your energy and motivation levels are down, then feel free to waste your time for a bit.

Our brains are almost addicted to finding meaning in our lives. It’s inevitable that we all will waste our time, or look back in the past and deem certain activities as a waste of time, because our values have changed (say you valued collecting and playing cards as a kid, but now you value making money so you sell all those cards you collected, for example).

Go out there and do something great. Make the best use of your time. When you’re young, as much as you like to think this is forever, it’s not: Our time here is shorter than we all thought. Keep that in mind when you pick where to spend your time, and you’ll never regret it. I like to think that I made good use of my time writing this blog post, to give you a perspective about time (or at least reinforce that perspective as a reminder), teach you something, and inspire you to do something with the life you have, even if for a moment.

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