The past two weeks I have been sick; I was getting better, but unfortunately, since I was working so often while I was sick, it got worse. So, I called off for once (tried the previous day but failed since 10 other employees already called off), and am now able to rest. It was much needed. I couldn’t imagine the condition I’d possibly be in if I had actually gone to work.

And even though I’m home, I’m trying to get my personal work accomplished at home. I uploaded videos (you can check out me talking to the Windows 10 Cortana here: ? & ), edited my website, among other things.

But I realize, even I need to rest. To remain still, to close my eyes, to focus on my breathing, maybe listen to chill step music, and meditate.

If you don’t rest, you won’t be able to work anyway, at least, at your best, so what’s the point?

Update: Decided to go to MedExpress. Was prescribed Amoxicillin and Benzonatate along with a mouthwash. May have gotten it from my girlfriend (she’s going to the doctor office too), or customers. Hopefully the medication, plus the rest, will help, so I can get back to working and creating things!

Update: Girlfriend went to the doctor and was told she has bronchitis. I probably have bronchitis.

Final Update: The antibiotic helped and I grew better after a week or two. It was a sucky illness.

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