I recently transferred my hosting platform for my sites, so I finally can post again!

I shut off my laptop planning to go to bed… But a thought was nagging me to make a blog post, especially since I can make one again. I’m pretty sure I saw a vagrant or homeless person on my way home from work. He had two big bags of his stuff. It makes me appreciative of the small things. Being able to be housed. Have a beautiful and reliable car. Being able to make a YouTube video. Being able to write a blog post. Having a cool job. Being able to pursue more education.

These are all the result of putting the effort in my life journey that led me to my destination.


I guess I’m thankful I didn’t have a journey that demolished me of opportunities. Of course, that’s still possible. I realized that recently. But if I continue to play it smart and work hard, I can get there.

I’m writing this blog post on my phone since I shut my laptop down. I really want to put my nose to the grindstone — go to the gym, consistently make YouTube videos, write blog posts, and pursue my Masters.

I don’t enjoy sitting still. Doing “nothing”, well, it kills me inside. It hurts bad and creates a fire in my chest. Why? Not completely sure. But I owe it to myself to try to strive for more.

At least then, I won’t have to regret having not achieved something since I tried so hard.

To work, then — there is no question. But work can be fun, too.