Recently i thought it would be fun as a writing exercise to write my own obituary. One YouTuber i watched named Elliot Hulse recommended it to help regain one’s sense of purpose and goals. Ill free write this for now since im doing this on my phone and have no examples i can use . Well here i go:
“On October 4th, 2015, Kevin Michael Scrima has passed away at 23 years. The cause of his death was the killing of his dreams. He was born June 24th, 1992. He self-published his own books: Two are named “The Channels of Arsenergia” and “A True Love Story.” It was discovered that he was working on a book about Success to help others; it will be self-published as is in his name. He had a few articles published in a university magazine called The Insider, where he graduated with a Bachelor or Arts degree in Creative & Professional Writing and minors in Literature and Education. He made his own website named where he had his own personal blog, and another named where he wrote about gaming. He was an aspiring Youtuber: His channel Scrima Games was about gaming; he had 325 subscribers and almost 300 videos; His channel Scrima Talks was about him educating others and talking about his life. He was also an aspiring inventor and recently applied for a provisional patent for a pillow idea. He leaves behind a girlfriend, Sarah Fry, his mother, Becky Seman, his father, Kenneth Scrima, two half-brothers, Dylan Pierce and Dawson Becker, and grandparents Bob and Dee Pendro on his mothers side and Joan Scrima on his fathers side. If he had lived longer, he could no doubt have changed a part of the world and helped others; him and his dreams died too young. He will be missed. The viewing will be held October 9th at a local church.”
Now if youll excuse me, i need to find another dead body so i can write another obituary–Christ, being an obituary writer is fucking depressing. And this dude is lucky we devoted over 300 words to him in the paper. We tend to not waste too many words on dead people. Or be this detailed or do that much research. *Phone buzzes* Got a text that my buddy found a lead on a dead body. Lovely.


Well, that was odd, writing my obituary. It seemed so… Real and permanent even though i knew i wasnt dead. It did in fact remind me of my goals and what to set my sights on. It showed me how far ive come.

Even though life has its challenges, im very happy that im not dead.